Will Your Behavior on the Forum Impact your Future?


Me and @StarryDream and a few other people had a nice discussion about this. The topic is unlisted for other reasons, but the posts there about this discussion were nice, and made me think. The following posts have been pulled from the topic, and they're not in order. Read them through, and post what you think, and click your opinion on the poll! I'm not sure what got that topic closed, @Rodrigo, but if it was this discussion, you can delete this topic.

Will Your Behavior on the Forum Impact your Future? (Private Poll)

  • Yes
  • No


Will Your Behavior on the Forum Impact your Future? (Public Poll)

  • Yes
  • No


Votes are public.


I think so. Not only for getting a job, but parents, teachers, peers, strangers, ANYBODY can see your posts on the internet more easily than you think.


Hey, whoever voted, it wasn't public, so please vote again! :D
You three are the people who liked it, and there were three votes, so I assumed they were you!


Thats all true, but this is an anonymous forum, and we shouldn't be able to be identified by our forum names


It's actually easier than you think for employers to see EVERYTHING...


so am i on the private one?
If im not, i will take off mai vite!


omg thank you so much! :D


You're fine! :D I can't tell who's on the private one.
Basically, I forgot to make the public poll public, so I told the voters to vote again!


Thats not nice, please be kind!


U is nice but u made a bad post so u will had a bad futur


But how will they know who we are here?


Ok! Thx fwend
or senpai lol


How did I make a bad posts

Also thank you so much to the complements, they really mean a lot to me


Can we please stay on topic? :D
That wasn't very nice, and I don't want this topic closed.
I don't want to offend you, but people could take that as offensive.


I guess that's true. Some employers may go deeper into your social media than others.

You're probably right though :smile:


When did she make a bad post?


U made one bad post but me dont rember but u is cool and nice I luv u


Stuff like insta, sc and facebook and all the social media will have an impact, but the forum is anonymous


Oh they is verree meen pls hurt them


IP addresses, maybe! :D
But, if you've demonstrated good behavior on the forum, you might want to make this account exposed to your college or your employers so they can see how good you are!