Will you use hopscotch in the future?



have you ever wondered

will you use hopscotch when your older? I mean its an app for 9-12 your olds or something, but does that really mean anything? A lot of people surpass it, but A lot of people retired (on hopscotch) like magmapop. But the question is, DO YOU THINK YOU WILL USE HOPSCOTCH IN THE FUTURE?

  • Yea I think so :D
  • Mabey.... I think so
  • Mabey.... I dont think so
  • No probably not.


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I would love to. But as I grow even older, I get more responsibilities and more difficult studies and work and real life stuff :sob:


As I get older I would love to go on HS if I'm still interested!

I might be inactive as I get more school and HW and stuff but I might be able to pop on every couple of days!


I think a lot of people will just eventually stop playing hopscotch, so the new generation will come! :D I know I probably can't code forever, there is much more things I'd be focused on, like future job and school (stuff like that,) But for now, I'm staying for as long as I can! :)


I want to, but the sad truth is that I'll have to leave one day. Hopscotch is the most I've ever stayed on. I usually find a new app use it for a few months then delete it. :confused:


Yeah, I think that what will happen.


The reason I stay on, its the people on here. I would most likely not even USE hopscotch ever. Thats what I think keeps a lot of people going...


I am actually slowly moving on off of Hopscotch. It is just not my thing that much anymore. I am learning Ruby so i can make apps. :smile:


Yes, I will definitely play Hopscotch more. I have played it since 6th grade, and I am now a freshman playing Hopscotch. I don't really mind if people think that it's childish. I think that I can keep making better and better projects, although like a lot of people have said, I may be less active.


I REALLY want to learn python and game maker studio. But.... I never got to time :sweat_smile: cough addicton to hopscotch cough school


I use Python!
I can tell you a little about it if you want.


I was hoping @Intellection74 could teach me


Anyways I know some like
print("Hi there")
hi = doh


This should be
hi = "doh"
unless there is a variable called doh, which there isn't.


There's a topic like this already called "Hopscotch in 50 years?" where we discuss the future, if we'll still use it, and so much other cool stuff!


Oh yea I replyed on that xD

But this is will you use it tho.

that was a great topic btw


I don't want to hurt your feelings, but they are sort of the same thing. :smiley:
I guess if the leaders think it's okay, it could stay open.


Hopefully I'll be using hopscotch...

The most random thing...


What about merging?

Is it the same or pretty different
I want it to be septet tho..... but idk


Merging would be okay! :3
I don't know though, that's why I tagged the leaders.



I completly forgot about that!! I'm so sorry! :frowning: I have a free weekend, so I'll post a lesson (maybe more than one because I haven't been doing much) then.