Will you unfollow me if I remix?


I know a lot of people Unfollow remixers!

Sometimes I like to remix projects that ask questions, and help them!

Will you unfollow me if I occasionally remix things to help people?

  • Yes
  • No


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Remixing is fine! Especially if it's to help people :wink:


Thanks! I know some people unfollow people if they remix and I don't want to lose followers for helping people!



If someone remixes lotteries, etc I unfollow them but if your helping people that's just fine! I'll still follow you! :D


Thanks so much!


Your welcome!

An occasional remix not helping is ok, but not consistent, I like a mostly clean following tab :D
But helping doll,e is different :D it's gud, and I still follow people who help people by remixing :D


It depends.
I'm a very picky person when I follow people. :sweat_smile:

You guys will think this is lame, (:3) but I kinda have a 'criteria' for following people. Here are some things that will make me immediately unfollow or never follow somebody.

  1. RPs. I don't want to see these. Some of these are weird too.
  2. Draws too much, and doesn't look like much effort. I do follow amaze-balls artists, and sometimes they code. However, to the people who draw stuff like:

    ...this, I probably won't follow them. This was a random doodle made of random lines by me in 6 seconds, if you want to know. :slight_smile: I TAKE REQUESTS! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
  3. Is rude. I won't go any farther into this.
  4. Does like 'lottery' stuff and 'begs for likes.'
    This is really it!

For me, remixes depend on how much effort you put in into adding something into the remix. Like advice, more features, or less lag.

One of the people who I follow that remixes a lot is t1, but she does it for good, and she's awesome at that! :slight_smile:

So, at the end, if you're remixing with care, I wouldn't bother to unfollow you. :slight_smile:
I sometimes learn from these helpful remixes, so I won't have to ask them myself!


I will keep this in mind


I wouldn't unfollow you if you're remixing to help others!!! I love original projects, but remixing is totally okay!

I think t1 sets an amazing example :D
She's a brilliant coder, but also publishes remixes to help people! :D
This is one of the many things that I admire about her- that she's not afraid to remix :D

I would love it if you started remixing more, helping others is an awesome thing to do :D


Emphasis on ocasionally. but no, I won't unfollow you. Especially as it's to help people.


If you're helping someone, I won't unfollow you. I unfollow Hopscotchers who remix projects and say it's their own, if their chatting, and if they are doing lotteries.


No way! If you remix something occasionally to help, of course I wont unfollow you! Not that I follow you anyways.


I wouldn't unfollow the occasional remix, but a lot of remixed can be annoying (shrug)


I have to honest here, yes, I will. I would be happy to see you helping other people, but I don't like too many remixes in my Following tab. Sorry if it sounded selfish, dis is just…me.:wink:


Remixes to help are great!

I wouldn't unfollow you for that!

If someone started remixing to do lots of chat, do those 'remix for a follow' things and remix funny randomizers, then I'd stop following.


I feel like my drawings are bad so am I kinda against the criteria?


I've decide to now try to only remix on my extras account!


That's fine!

Do I follow that yet?


Not sure!


No! If you put effort in to them, and try your best, they're always great! :slight_smile: Also, don't worry about my criteria, I wrote it in a minute. :sweat_smile:
Don't let other people judge you! :slight_smile: