Will tell peeps about new games on this topic!


Ok, basically I’m gonna tell everyone about upcoming games and other projects I will be posting on hopscotch! Also give me ideas for new games. BTW, my coding account is JeffTheChichen.


Okay, that’s nice :slightly_smiling_face:



it will have HSB colours, tracing, requests, rainbow mode, jagged mode and much much more!
If you have any suggestions then please tell me.



Also, I am doing requests! Just fill this in and I will copy and post on Hopscotch!

Skin colour:
Eye colour:
Any last notes:

Will do as soon as possible


This sounds really cool! Can you tag me when your drawing pad is done by typing @William04GamerA?


Of course! It might take a few weeks though because I’m going on holiday next week…


This is what it looks like so far, In the bottom left corner will be the colours and in the top right there will be the HSB and the special modes like the tracing and rainbow mode.


@Kikflip this is where I post stuff about new games so when it’s done I will post on here.


Ok cool :sunglasses:


I’m going to be on less in the holidays so I think I’m just going to be on my coding account, JeffTheChichen" I will only go on my main account to finish my art pad.:art::paintbrush:


Guys, have u seen my post in hopscotch, 'cause u should look. I’ll copy and paste it.

It’s my time to leave hopscotch, I just… Don’t really fit in. No features, no trendings and I’ve been hopscotching for 17 months (1year and 5months). I’m gonna delete the app but keep my password in notes. If I ever come back (which I doubt I will) then I will finish the cheesy pad1.0. That will be my FIRST post then I will use the same style and draw like a person or something. I’m doing this because nobody is going to want to pretend to be me enough that they’ll finish my art pad because I’ve hardly started it. Thanks, and farewell hopscotch.

It’s so sad, but I’m still going on the forum


I’ve never gotten a feature
I’ve never gotten a trending
I might never get one throughout my time in Hopscotch

But the purpose of hopscotch wasnt to get a bunch of trendings or get a project on featured
It’s to have fun while coding! :wink:
Don’t give up on Hopscotch


I know, but I’ve never really been good at coding or art… I think coding just isn’t for me, I’m not noticed but if I come back I might change my name to unnoticed hopschotcher or something

I’m deleting the app now


Popularity doesn’t matter, though
Don’t give up on Hopscotch, the main point of it was to have fun coding!

I don’t want to seem rude, but…

The art clogging up trending wasn’t supposed to be there

At once there wasn’t even a community in hopscotch! The likes n all doesn’t matter…
Also, we can help you get a bit better at coding


Those r the things I like, Because I do coding so people can see, what’s the point of spending loads of work on a project and nobody sees it?

Once, I spent a week on a cool project where u have to swipe left and right to avoid the fruit. And guess what happened… It got zero plays and zero likes.


1y 5m? It took me 2y 5m for featured and trending.


It took me 2 years to get a feature and it was on the simplest project I’d made It is my only feature. so there’s no reason to complain