Will projects be saved when trial runs out?



I just got this app and i am wondering if all my ‘game drafts’ will be saved when the trial period runs out. My projects aren’t really ready to publish. I can’t afford the app yet but would like to continue working on those games once i can. Thanks. This is a great app and i also have a few suggestions and ideas i will share later.


I believe the game is free. The free version will have less features, but your drafts should be fine and you can continue working on them whenever you want.


Projects with custom images can not be uploaded to the server without the subscription or trial. Projects with custom images will however be saved locally on your device.

This means that after a trial subscription runs out, no drafts will be deleted. If a draft did not have custom images, you will see no difference. You can keep working on the draft and publish it whenever you’d like.

If your draft does include custom images and was previously uploaded (happens automatically when you have internet access), I believe the last uploaded version will remain on the server while you can continue to work on a local version (that can’t be uploaded). If you log out of the account, Hopscotch will advise that you need the subscription to upload the newer draft(s) or those newer draft(s) will be deleted.

Assuming you don’t log out and do continue to work on a local copy of a draft with custom images, once you have the subscription again you’ll be able to upload and publish your project.


Thanks this helps a lot. It sounds like my drafts will be saved. They do have a lot of custom images through… I suppose if i have to i can re add the images when i get the money for the subscription.
there is a lot of code attached to the custom images in a few of my games, i wonder if that code will be saved if the images disappear?


I am using a public computer right now. But hopefully it will be find if i stay logged in on my phone.


Projects with images and custom characters will not be deleted after the subscription runs out, but after it runs out you can’t add any more images or custom characters


It depends. If, on the stage, you drag the image into the trash can, then yes the object & code will be deleted.

Alternatively, you can delete the image this way and the image object will be automatically converted to a text object.