Will my project be taken down?


I reported a remix of my project that was completely changed and inappropriate. Does that mean my project which is the original and completely different will be taken down with it? I think the remix was from one of my features to :anguished:


Good. And it totally looks like I was the original creator. The Hopscotch Team already took it down and none of my projects were taken down, so I'm good. How do I close this topic?




yeah except its a bummer how you cant edit your posts after a month or so.
@t1_hopscotch do you know why this is?


I haven't been here for a month , I don't know


tomorrow you will


oh no yikes ! I make so many mistakes


haha no worries
welcome to the forum
(almost) everyone here is friendly


Thank you! I follow you on Hopscotch. Who isn't friendly?


thanks! i dont have hopscotch anymore but if i did i would follow you back

it depends most of them left but some are still active once in a while

not to worry though


Ok that's good. (Not that you left, but about the not nice people)


because ive left hopscotch and new people are arriving on the forum i dont know like 60% of people here lol


I know like 20 people. :scream:


well now you know

21 savage




This topic is getting off topic. Do you want to talk on my general topic?


Probably not, because you reported the remix and not the original project, and they are two different projects.


Hi @Gilbert189