Will It Ever Be On A Computer?


Will Hopscotch be available on a computer? And even if it will, do you have to pay? I want to get it on a computer so I can use it if my iPad dies. But if you have to pay for it, i can't get it.


It might come in the future.


If it's on a computer you'll probably have to pay for it


Maybe. THT will probably improve the iPad and iPhone app to its fullest and then maybe work on the computer and/or Andriod. : D


I think they said they were working on a version for the computer​:slight_smile:


I hope.

So I can code scratch and hopscotch so my friends will think im cool
Wait but I have none


They did say that. Rodrigo replied that to me.


Ya probably. :T


Nope, I never said that.


@Rodrigo, are you and the rest of THT working on online Hopscotch? If you are, can you use the old editor for it?


You said you'll improve the browser version. That's the computer version. Right?


We said that we've been improving the web player, not "Hopscotch for computer". I think those are two different things.


But are you going to make an editor in the browser?

If so, will it work with a keyboard and mouse?


I can't confirm or deny that. Nevertheless, that doesn't sound like something for the near future.



I hope they do, or at least polish playing projects on the computer / browser.