Will I still be promoted regular


I was suspended for two days but will I still be promoted to regular?


I don't know.....maybe ask @Maltese? @SmileyAlyssa?


Y would they know? XD


I don't know. I'm just guessing they've had more experience on the forums.


It might be a fifty-fifty


Yes, you will, but you'll have to wait 100 days after the suspension before you can become a regular again.


And how many days for my flags?


50 days :slight_smile:


150 days until regular
I'll try and wait and not get a bunch of flags


@smileyalyssa why did you delete your post


Again, 100 days.

What Discourse says that

In the last 100 days you cannot have not followed those things to not get regular. So if you have over 5 flags, you have to wait 100 days since the first flag. Does that make sense? Because once it's been 100 days since that first flag, in the last 100 days you'll only have four flags, which makes you eligible to get regular.

So 100 days since your last suspension until you are a reg!


Oh okay
So just one hundred days in all which includes the suspension and the flags?
Also woah you need to charge your phone


Because the picture wasn't working and it wouldn't let me edit.


It depends on how many flags you get, but at least 100 days since you were suspended.

Im in the car I can't charge it :scream_cat::crying_cat_face: