Will I lose regular?


My other topic got closed "due to a large number of community flags."
Am I still regular?
Being regular means a lot to me, so I hope I get a good answer.


In the past 10 days if you get 10 flags you loose regular I am pretty sure


I'm not sure if i got that ,any because like I can still edit titles, do global edit, and stuff...


I think it is if you get flagged, not other people.


I don't think the flags count against you if other people got flagged, which led to your topic getting flagged. BAS told me this a while ago.


It depends. Were the flags in that topic yours or other peoples? If they were yours, you might lose reg. If not, its not your fault, so no.


No you will not I didn't see you get any flags so that means your safe for now


I don't think you'll lose regular!

but I'm just a new person and don't know much, so you don't have to listen to me :neutral_face:


Past 100 days 5 flags actually


Yeah nah maybe :3
This is actually the THIRD time I got Reg


Third?! This is my second lol