Will I get my members badge today?


@Kiwicute2016, @PopTart0219 Will I get my members badge today?


You'll prob get it soon. I had been on the forum for like 14 days when I got the badge. (I don't exactly remember, just guessing.)


You just need patience. If you REALLY want it, try reading more posts and topics


Like @TheRainbowChicken said, it normally takes about 2 weeks (or so) to get the badge.


You may have to wait a while, or extra time. There is a possibility someone locked your trust level at basic user because of the suspension, too. But I hope you get it soon! :smiley:


I'm concerned about your alt acc, which we blocked. Please check your PMs.


@EmojiArts you need to give out more likes


You'll get it when you get 12 hours of read time.


Really? I read for like, 2 hours (in the course of 2 weeks) and got member.


EmojiArts was suspended? (I'm just wondering)

And to answer your question, EA...I think you need to read more stuff and give more likes!


Then I think you get it after 15 days or 12 hours of read time, whichever comes first.




You're a Member now.


EmojiArts isn't a member so far


I was talking to @LemonPop9.


She got it back in May or something