Will hopscotch ever get new "free" custom editions?


How about like custom sounds be free... But images be payed like they are now? If they add custom-sounds, @ThePickle @Liza "We could have more awesomeness in hopscotch! :smiley:"

In fact, I'm working on an official Minecraft Remake game that combines elements of my previous attempts, but with MORE features than ever. My profile is (DDDyoo) if you want to see news and updates about the project! :grin::smiley::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::nerd::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Custom sounds would destroy and make the music community go down a lot.

Images was fine but custom music is way toooo far

Plus copyright and stuff


Also welcome!


:dizzy_face: Oh... The custom sounds... :sob:

Right they can't be used could they... :cold_sweat:

Oh well. How about: HTML?


I'm not sure


:frowning:️ oh come on.... Nothing at all? Really?

Seems like Hopscotch is finished then... :neutral_face::expressionless:


Maybe a button that allows you to export the project to be able to be integrated into a webpage. That would make sense! :smiley::wink::stuck_out_tongue::+1::ok_hand::hear_no_evil:


Custom sounds are meh
I mean, they allow more for games
But for music makers, it's not that great


That would seem cool... But you can kind of do that already with links :wink:


Custom music that you own is gr8 tho :s


Why did you tag me? xD

This is a good idea, and it should be a free feature!


While this would be a great idea, coding music would be much more... how do I say... easy. And people who REALLY coded music wouldn't get as much... adoration. And people might do stuff like FaceTime like RPs, and share voices. Not good. Plus, copyright issues. But this would be a great idea to present to THT if we worked out a few kinks! :D


People will have to share their voices.


Sharing voices is fine, as long as your careful, so, don't say your full nam.e or where you live, or anything like that


Well what if someone said a bad word in a project and uploaded it, it would take forever for hopscotch to verify it.


Maybe THT could listen to each recording.


That would take forever... At least photos are a one see thing...


I would also like the ability to put videos in projects.


What would you put though? It nullifies hopscotchifying music and stuff...

I have no clue what you'd put in a HS project ¯\⌒(ツ)⌒/¯


There's practically no music community tho :stuck_out_tongue:

This would be awesome, and I could upload my own GB music too :slight_smile: