Will Hopscotch ever be for the computer?



I need to know, will Hopscotch ever be converted to a PC format? I really want to code on my laptop. I don't have a mobile device and can only use my school one for Hopscotch. I type, think, and work much better on a computer. I know there are different coding languages needed / used on the computer, but I believe it shouldn't take too long to convert the functions to said coding language for computer. Hopscotch Team, hear me out, please.


You can use a program called Scratch if you want Drag and Drop for laptop :D


Welcome to the forum and try using Scratch. It's the same thing as Hopscotch, except for a computer. And they have a forum too.


Well you can play projects in the computer


I hope they do develop Hopscotch for PC. That would be awesome! But, for the meantime, you can code on Scratch. For Hopscotch you can play projects and use the Forum on PCs.


You could use "Tynker"
It's free for the iPad and you can code on the Tynker website.
You can download projects you make on the website and edit/play them on the app.
But you can't chat with others on a dedicated Ttnker forum or have others play your game unless you send them a link to your PC project