Will hopscotch edit mode be on an ipod touch?



@Liza when you make the hopscotch edit mode for iphone,will edit mode work on an ipod touch?


I think so :)))))))))))

do you have an iPod touch? Do your friends?


I will have one soon! (Hopefully!)


Will It Be On A Iphone 4? :smiley:


When will hopscotch be on phones and what features will be taken away, @Liza, @Ian, or @t1_hopscotch?nor any other hopscotchers that know the answer.


@JumpyJose I don't know about when it will be ready, but I do know that the Hopscotch Team are working to add an Edit Mode in iPhone so you can make projects as well as being able to play them :smiley: At the moment you can only play other people's projects on iPhone.


I hope it comes to iPod