Will Hopscotch be on Android?


I played on Hopscotch all the time until I got a new Android phone. I had ideas but can't code it because I have Android. I feel sad and I can't seem to replace the gap in my heart. Will Hopscotch be released on Android?


I don't think so, an iPad has a certain type of code that was used to make hopscotch and I think androids have a different type of code.


Hmmm... The Hopscotch Team would have to get a whole new team to do an android version of Hopscotch, so probably not any time soon, but hopefully someday! :slight_smile:


THT wants to make an Android version of Hopscotch, but they don't know how to make Android apps.


Aso, welcome to the forum! If you ever need help, tag me like this: "@Catface4". It will appear like this: @Catface4! :D


Thanks for the replies :blush: I guess I'll keep in touch through forum for now


I think they might be working on this, or a computer version, so androids will be able to play on a web browser.
Now, it's just on Apple devices though.


I tried to do it. It didn't go so well with the team.




Im on a android and i have the forum on the app star safari but hopscotch cant be donloaded on a android!


I'd really like to be able to use Hopscotch on a browser!


Yeah! And there probably wouldn't be a size problem! Except tilting and shaking "when's" would probably not work.
Like "When iPad is tilted right."


I usually use a computer for the forum, so I'll be excited when I can use Hopscotch on it!