Wiki's not working! (Have Been Removed, read post 17)


Hey sorry for the topic but I cannot make a wiki, and nor can @tankt2016 and we are both regulars…

@Ana and @awesomeonion is this a bug?

@Jazz do you know?


Yeah the wiki button disappeared…


yeah did something happen?

@FearlessPhoenix do you know?


Yes I think I might actually…
But as of now, I’ll refrain from saying anything until I’m sure.
Give me 5 minutes and I’ll have a good reply for y’all


Exactly, it’s gone!


okay sure!


Test test test okay


Hmmm mine still works…


as in I cannot create a wiki!


That post was already on wiki, wasn’t it?
Try making a new wiki, you can’t. There’s no button.


But I’m not a regular soooo…


Nooooo I’m out of likes

This is weird though


Guys be a tad more patient (don’t freak out) please, I’m working on getting y’all a decent explanation


Ok will do


Ok thanks!


okay thank you!


The thing with wikis is that regulars can make any post that’s less than 3 month old a wiki. And y’all know how active this place is. With that in mind, you can easily imagine how many hard-to-find posts people can make wikis. Combine that with the recent unhappiness that’s been here because of the new rules, and you have the perfect formula for something bad. In these wikis, people can say inappropriate things and hurt other people. People can share links to unsafe places outside the forum. People can get hurt like this. And sadly, this has been happening.
And imagine trying to moderate all posts from an active user between now and 3 month past. That’s not very fun or easy.
And some of us and THT realized that taking wiki powers away might be the best solution. If a wiki is needed for anything (like making a tag list for a completition or smth), you guys can ask me or another leader to do it for you.
This greatly decreases the possibility of that happening, and makes this place so much safer and easier to moderate.

This is why I personally think wikis have been removed. This isn’t the final or even most accurate answer. Ana will have one for y’all this evening probably.

Coding Café :coffee:
Coding Café :coffee:

That makes sense

Thanks for clearing that up


No problem

(Ana will probably have a better answer for y’all this evening)


Oh makes sense
Thanks for answering!