Wiki and Editing Removal – An Official Explanation


Hey Hops!

As you all have probably noticed, wikis and post-editing privileges are gone. This is because a lot of people were using them as a means to talk privately with other users, and share personal information or methods to communicate outside the forum. Since this was problematic, wikis had been removed. However, people could still tag other people to an old post, and share a link to another site or some information. Which is why, as you guys have probably noticed, editing privileges are completely gone.

Now this may not seem like such a big deal to some of you, but in reality, it’s a very big issue, and there is a very real possibility that someone can get hurt. By sharing personal information, you’re sharing stuff which can make it very easy for people to find you. And this could be literally anyone. It could be a child predator, it could be a pedo or any other kind of bad person that you don’t want knocking on your door. Even if you’re just sharing anything small that you think won’t hurt at all, experienced real stalkers can get so much information out of that. You could even be sharing a nickname from irl that you may have used in other places. Someone could simply search that up, find information about you or other sites which have your information and come knocking on your door and just like that you’d be in big trouble and could get hurt. That’s the danger of sharing personal info and sites where you can communicate outside the forum because anyone could be anyone, and a bad guy could pretend to be a friend from another site and just like that, something bad could happen.
This is why we have the no CoF and personal info rules, and why we enforce them so strictly. Some people can and sometimes do choose to inpgnore that or may not understand, and continue to do this anyway, and the most common method for sharing stuff like this is through editing an old post or making wikis, which we’ve gotten rid of to prevent or at least limit this risk.

There are benefits to having wiki and editing privileges, but this has outweighed those, at least for now. Ana has said that they’d consider bringing back wikis and probably editing privileges in a couple months time, so we’d request that you guys wait patiently til then. If you need anything edited or anything, feel free to tag @Leaders and we’ll happily do it for you :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it helped

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Thanks for this explanation Fea! (1st post!)


Okay thank you for clearing this up Fea! May I tag the OMTL?


Thanks for clearing this up Fea. I entirely agree


You’re welcome lol guys.
And thanks haha I forgot. Ill tag in the op


Is it possible that maybe editing privileges could be given when u become reg bc hhhhhh editing is something I use several times on a daily basis, I don’t use wikis so much so idrc about that but yeah


me too, it’s benficial for sure!


People , regardless of trust level can still do CoF and stuff, and all of the problems with it will probably start up again.
So probably not. If you need anything Edited, tag @ leaders and we’ll edit for you


Ghhh ok I guess I understand but I doubt I’ll tag leaders every time I want to switch an emoji or fix a typo lol but yeah it’s not such a big deal lol


Thanks for the explanation!

Better safe than sorry,


Yw lol

Yeah def

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Very well written :+1:


Thanks :slight_smile:

I suppose my explanation is also enough to convince you to remove the image flip link from your bio? :wink: @gwetv


Wait, you can’t edit anything anymore?


Nope. Regulars can still edit title, tags and category but that’s it


Dang. I get why, it’s just kinda annoying to not be able to edit anything


Wait… this was to make the Forum safer…? Right.


That clears things up and is really helpful


Ok fine lol