Why would someone want to quit hopscotch?


One of the biggest reasons a person may want to quit hopscotch is because they do not get likes or follows. Everyone can be "Hopscotch famous", it you put effort in. A lot of people get criticized for this reason for leaving.

Another reason is because some people aren't as kind as they should be.
Some hopscotchers assume something bad about other hopscotchers and point that out. That's very bad and embarrassing for both people. Luckily, the hopscotch team and other hopscotchers are trying to stop this.

Next, is attention. This applys to being , mean and publicly saying you are leaving because of likes and follows. A handful of hopscotchers said that they would hurt themselves and really haven't. This is very bad and those hopscotchers have been off of hopscotch ever since.

Another one is remixing. Remixing means that you can make a project even better and publishing it. Credit is always given in a remixed project. Although, some hopscotchers just remix projects and say that they have made it. This led to very mad hopscotchers.

Then there's hopscotchers saying that they don't know how to code. They give tutorials in the app and you can ask for help in the forum. It's okay to stick to the basics. Some hopscotchers have added really easy codes to the basics and have been on featured and trending.

This last reason isn't bad at all and anybody who quits for this reason should never be criticized. This reason is quitting because you want to go farther than hopscotch and start learning and typing other coding languages.

What do YOU think about leaving?

Wow! This is a great topic! Nice work! :smile::wink:


Great topic! Someday I will have to quit, but that's not going to happen for a loonnngggg time!


Wow this is a awesome topic! People mostly do

"My MOM said if I got 1000 likes on this project I will get a kitty!"

They did not even work for the kitty!


Also, it's not likely that their mom would tell them that they could get a cat if they get 1,000 likes. :wink:


This is a great topic! Great work :slightly_smiling::blush::yum::smiley: I hope it inspires others to keep coding :smiley:


Yeah! I agree!
I'm-leaving too soon, but I'm not doing that for attention. It's irl reasons, and I think I want to move on to other programming languages soon. :wink:


I don't like the "my parents will get me a cat/ a phone ,etc" if I get 1000 likes begger either! They most likely are lying for attention :wink:


I might do that. But I can't. :joy:
I already know 5 programming languages, and Hopscotch is just way more fun then any of the others!
"Fun" as in the sense of the community and other stuff.


I think that is fake they just want likes!


The time I will quit is when my iPad is taken away at the end of high school and I don't remember my passcode


My school IPad in case you were wondering


Cool! I know, hopscotch is kinda like "kid Instagram" but with programming. (And without chat) at least that's how I think of it


So inspiring ot just brings tears to my eyes


Everyone's Hopscotch career ends sometime, but publically saying it won't help you!


I totally agree
My career can't go through the summer maybe even next year


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Mine too country and state please
Not trying to offend


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