WHy were so many topics put in lounge for absolutely no reason


I tried to check my notifications for @pixelmaster64's topic and the iPad photography topic, and it says i can't access them?????? Were they deleted or put in lounge??? There was no need to put either of them in lounge!!!!!!! And someone else's general topic!!

How come I can't go to my topic?
Disappearing Topic?

They were deleted because of the "Help With Code" category getting deprecated.


Oh no my topics


Ugh they deleted a bunch of my topics seriously


Yea, I lost one of my best topics.. :disappointed:


I lost like twenty perfectly fine topics :cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


Memories from 2015 forum are all gone. All the topics have been deleted. There's no evidence of it left unless there's lounge from 2015.... which means every drawing topic has disappeared.....
Oh gosh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Yeah, that's unfortunate ;-;

I wish they could have placed all of them in the lounge at least


Can I make a new topic 10 then? Because I didn't do anything to have mine closed! ;-; ;-; ;-;


Oh I wanted to make it though


Yes, but Fearless has permission...


Oh ok sorry


Ohhhh..but I thought I should, cuz, ya know, I didn't do anything to have it closed down father first time, and it was my topic after allll....let's ask LazyLizard..


@lazylizard who is making the next topic


So should I make it now? I have a drawing I wanna post. I honestly dunno where to put it. I'll just wait until someone (me?) makes a new Drawing topic.


I would wait and post in your general for now :)


@Liza, could you make a new topic for the Community Guidelines? The old topic was in Help With Code, but now we can't access it anymore. Or you could move it somewhere else, if that is possible.


I remade 2 of Huggingfluffybear's old topics, until he makes new ones


That's actually really rude.

Also nobody's made the drawing topic so.. haha


Nope. I will make it again. After @Lazylizard gives me permission, because mine got deleted. Please DO NOT make it!