Why We Need Leaders


This is what I want to say to THT.

  • THT, you can't moderate the forums all by yourselves. What if a topic gets closed due to flags for off-topicness, or spam-flagging and you're not there? What if a user needs suspension over the weekend?

  • We need a goal to work for. You get to regular, then what? People are goal-driven. Lots of people left because without leaders, they had no goal. No role models.

  • The mistakes of certain people in a group can't be used against all of the people. It's like a teacher saying, "Last year's class was rough when playing soccer at recess, so this class can't play soccer this year at all."

  • You saw what happened when you announced the demotion, right? No further explanation needed.


clap clap clap amazing speech!


Great topic!! Here's a like!! :heart:

And what you are saying is spot on. Why did they even take away the leaders in the first place for a little fun?? It was just a mistake. THT could ha e warned them that if they continued that they would get rid of the leaders altogether??


Amazing! This is so true! THT will find this out sooner or later...


I might email this to them...


You definitely should!! :+1:🏼:+1:🏼


Also it's been found out that demoting the leaders was "Phase 1" on Rodrigo's Twitter.




A.K.A. What's happening right now :stuck_out_tongue:





I agree.
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This is a good point! I really hope THT sees this.
Why is @Rodrigo using the forum on a Sunday?


Look what this caused!

LOOK AT ALL THE CLOSED THINGS! They were all closed within minutes of creation and after other closings. #Fixthisforum


WE NEED LEADERS!:laughing:


I know! This is really annoying!
I noticed that my subscription pre-announcement is there. Look at the end of it xD


Here's a conversation I had with Rodrigo on another topic:

Isn't it true, though? Just tell those users how the forum works, and they'll stop. We don't need moderation :smiley:

@Rodrigo, could you please close this topic? Thanks. :smile:


I don't think this needs closing...


It cooled down a lot more, so I guess not. :slight_smile:


I agree, THT are not here over the weekends. That is a big problem.


Where did you see that?