Why we copy/steal other people's projects


A lot of Hopscotchers have made AMAZING projects and have had credit stolen from it. Clearly that is a problem that is very frustrating and rude,if you do copy codes that were not yours you probably don't mean any harm.
Although you may not think that it matters, it does. If you don't know, this form of taking credit and copying is called plagiarism. Some people steal projects because they like them and wish that they had thought of such a great idea , but others don't. The rest of the people copy the project because they want likes. And that is what makes people mad. To avoid taking all the credit to something you didn't make just think, "Would I like it if this happened to me?",
"Did I give the original owner the credit?" And "Is it really worth making somebody mad about me stealing their project to get a couple likes?"
The answer is most likely going to be no.
If it has happened to you before then you probably know how irritating it is.
And yes, not everybody is a thief and that is not what I thought but, you get the point. If you are finally finished reading this then thank you, for reading this loooooooooooooong, boring lecture. Once again just remember , before you take credit from something that isn't yours, ask yourself "Is it worth it ? "
And you should be fine. :blush:


You can take a few ideas from people but NOT the whole project


I agree, kind of.

But I make all my stuff free to use.
Reason: other people can learn from that!
Real programmers share codes a lot to help one another.
When people take your code with theirs, there can end up being a huge amazing project that helps all of us!
Also most people can tell when someone took my code.
In the end, I do not really mind. Most of the people that do that to me give credit, or they just remix and you can clearly see that I made it first!


Yeah, like some people remixed @SmileyAlyssa's "My holiday card /w mini games!". That wasn't mean. One of them only got one like. And some people just remix and don't change anything. Some people forget to change the title.


Yeah. That like was from me! I like everything in my remix tab! Unless its mean.


Unless it's mean or any other bad thing, I don't mind it. It shows people like your projects and want to rehop it. It's even better if they improve or change the code.


Kid 1 creates a project with star girl breakdancing
Kid 2 creates a project coincidentally with star girl breakdancing moments later
Kid 1 accuses kid 2 of plagiarism


Yes! Though when people copy the code, it isn't as bad, at least they are doing something!


Yeah! Remixing and stuff like that are fine plus if they are free to use then it is okay too. The moral of the story was just to remember to give people credit and not to take the credit for what you don't make. I totally agree with you though .


I only mind if it's a remix, if you see something similar to something you did, but it's not a remix, then it might not even be copying. :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It's called inspiration

But when we see that awesome project we are like


Why are people mad at me for doing this. I learn for remixing. So what if I take credit. I only put their name in the corner and the size be 5. What is wrong with that?


Well, one thing that's wrong with that is that people can barely see size 5.:grin:


So, I'm still giving them credit. (Edit: Sorry about that I'm just angry at all the criticism on Hopscotch I've been getting)