Why we close topics/ Which topics should be closed


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So, today, I wanted to being up the subject of closing.

Leaders and moderators have the ability to close topics. We only do this for a few reasons.

A topic should be closed if it is:

  • Offensive
    If a topic is offensive to any user or anyone, then it will be closed. It's just plain mean and is against the guidelines.

  • Flame War
    If a topic turns into a giant flame war, regardless if it was the fault of the topic owner or someone else, and we cannot rescue it and get it back on topic, we will close or delete it.

  • Off topic
    If a topic doesn't relate to coding or Hopscotch, we will close it. This forum is for talking about Hopscotch and coding, not your cats. (Although cats are the best!)

  • A duplicate
    If a topic is the same or very similar to another topic, it will be closed. We try to keep only 1 or 2 similar topics. It helps keep the forum healthy and less cluttered.

  • If it violates the Community Guidelines.
    This one is pretty simple. You can see the guidelines here. A topic will be closed if it violates any of these rules in general. This is to keep everyone safe and the forum healthy and happy.

We try to always give the user a chance to recycle the topic. :slight_smile:

Now, you may be wondering, what do I do if I think a topic should be closed? Well, there are a couple ways to do this.

You can tag the leaders to review the topic, if you think it it needs to be closed.

You can also invite a leader to the topic! This is a way to get the leader's attention without drawing too much attention to the actual issue in the topic.

Thank you guys so much for reading this, and check out @Intellection74's awesome post on this subject here:



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people always tell at me for closing topics

If I close it then I either think it's rude, no use, or flamey and steamy. Or if it just has no use anymore

please keep that in mind when I close it and y'all think it should stay open and go all flamey on me k thx

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I never thought of inviting leaders to the topic! That's a great idea, because some people can get mad at me for tagging leaders!


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And also a tip for everyone: Don't be biased when closing a topic. Ex: don't ask leaders to close a topic explaining why someone thinks something is not related to HS.

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