Why Was this Flagged?



Why was this flagged? I'm not trying to be mean and plz don't flag.

And someone else was flagged too and that caused the whole topic to close... :unamused: It was flagged for being innapropriate. There are no leaders so it can't open.
Thanks a lot for flagging me for a post that isn't even bad.

-A Very Sad VanillaBlossom who has lost her cat smile and looks like an ordainry human

This was my very first flagged post ever. (well, hidden)


Phase_Admin was triggered. I am him right now. Sorry.
I was triggered, very triggered.
I did it. On my own account though.


Spam flag peeps ruining stuff for all


U flagged it? Idk...

nice to see u phase_admin. Haven't talked in a while eh?


bye bye.... gotta do homework now.


answer meh! did u flag it???


I flagged it on my own account.


That wasn't a bad topic or post, it was probably just a spam flagger.


and how were u triggered?
oke bai


It's a spam flagged .-.

I got spam flagged too .-.


I got spam on my post hi biggest fan


I was very triggered. I am very sorry.


how were u triggered tho ;-;


Triggered means don't joke


You talking to me Phase_Admin




hallo Vani


hi hi. go to church XD
wait... are u done... that can't be


I'm done XD

I'm eating watermelons, dumplings, cake, pie, lettuce, and chips here at church for a fellowship. :DD



save me some dumplings I'll bring u seaweed remember

oke gbot yeee