Why was the Geometry Dash video redone?



As you may know, we had an old video on how to make Geometry Dash in Hopscotch. Recently, the video was removed, and was replaced. I remember seeing this version on the Hopscotch Team's YouTube.

Why was it replaced? Was it buggy? Or just to keep it updated? Thanks!


Maybe it was because the previous one was in two parts, you had to keep on switching back and forth.


That makes sense @JaszyKake, but what's weird is that the Geometry Dash Part 2 is still up :confused:

(Oh and just made a new version of the Book of Hopscotchers with you in it!)


I am confused tpo. Anyway, who better tp ask than the hopscotch team! @alish @Liza @Ian


Can I please be in the Book Of Hopscotchers @CreativeCoder? I was wondering the same thing @JaszyKake and @CreativeCoder


Of course @Phase_Studios! You can fill out the form here


Could you continue with the book @CreativeCoder?