Why Was my Project Rejected?


What's the point of my subscription if I can't even do a project with the Hamilton logo in it?


I love that song from Hamilton (`・∀・´)


Oh ye...I'm first to respond ( ^∀^)


That is so weird. Were you able to actually put the song in?


Idk is Hamilton inappropriate?


Some Hamilton songs has a few bad words.


No it's not
And the logo is literally just a star with a guy on top
I had the notes to you'll be back in it


Oh ye true, tho You'll Be Back has no bad words so I dunno why
tho part of the song says: "I will === your friends and family, to remind you of my love" but it's in the perspective of King George so idk (=´∀`)


Maybe try publishing it again?


That's so weird? Try emailing THT


I'm so sorry that happened to you! Email THT or @Liza can help you too.


Idk, maybe copy right issues?


Ikr bc that would be "inappropriate"....