Why was I suspended?


I was suspended for a day and there wasn't any reason.
Here are 2 screenshots:

What was the reason for this suspension? I was never warned, and it didn't show a reason.


They happened to my brother's account.

When I was suspended I got a reason

Maybe the mods forgot to add a reasons but idk

Why was @ThePickle suspended?


I'm pretty sure bc you kept talking about friendship


Oh ya that's a good point

That might be the reason but they didn't want to write that


Oh. Did they think I'm an extra account? It should have had a reason...


It should only have 1 t xD
Edit: You edited it xD


No I don't think they thought u had an extra account

You were probs just talking about friendships suspension too much

I was suspended for like constant maturity or something like that. I wonder who decided why I was suspended. Cause out of all the things to be suspended for, I don't think it should be for that but whatevs. I'm not immature. They could have had the reason been for losing my temper too much

But it's in the past so who cares XD


Yeah I didn't mean to do that. XD


Probably. You need to stop ranting a bout friendship she wouldn't want this


Oh. I should have been warned.



She can still see what u guys are saying


Who? @friendship2468?



U can view the forum without logging on. That's what I did when I was suspended


I did that before I had an account.


Yeah so she could be viewing our comments right now


I know. I read the forum when I was suspended.


Ppl made some hurtful topics about me but whatevs


I hope it was a screw up.


And when ppl came on the forum after a break, they would always ask for any news. And I would always be mentioned because I got suspended


What do you mean?