Why was I demoted to member?


I got demoted to member.
Even though I’ve been here for almost two years and have been on everyday.
Is this a bug? Or have I done something wrong?

Hopscotch team?



I don’t want likes!

I want answers!

And or pity.

Pity is good.


Did you get more than five flags in the past 100 days?


I haven’t been flagged once.
In my intire time I’ve been here.


Oh okay. Then I’m not sure :thinking:



I’m really convinced that it’s a bug.


Oof I’m sorry. Uhh if you need help tag me


Probably a lack of reading all the latest topics/posts.


u have to read and post on like



So it looks like you’ve been on the forum and don’t have any confirmed flags, do you think you have read 10,000-20,000 posts within the last few months?


I read two general topics and the drawing topic every morning.

I’ll try to read more. If it’ll help.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Yeah probably.

I got turned into member a few months ago.


I will become omnipresent then bye~


have fun lol


Wait I have a question about some of the Regular requirements, because I have never read them since now…

Does it mean getting 20 likes just in general or 20 likes on one specific topic?


Have you been getting flagged? Have you been gone for like a week at a time? I have no idea what would’ve made this happen.


I don’t think I have.


Yeah, this is sad. Unfortunately, this process is done by the system and I don’t think that THT would promote you because then maybe a lot of people would like to be promoted.

However, to understand the requirements, you can read this great explanation by @PumpkinGirl:


So if I complete all of this can I get regular??


yep i think so​​​​​​