Why was @friendship2468 banned?



I wasn't here yesterday or today much, so why was @friendship2468 banned? What type of "rude comments" did she make?


Likes, likes, likes.
Don't use a silent mouth when I see what you mean.


I'd prefer not to gossip about others :wink: it makes the forum a happier place


Let's not talk about it. :wink:

There are many other awesome things happening! For instance, have you heard of this topic? It's pretty fun!

@Kiwicute2016 @Anonymous @PopTart0219 @BuildASnowman can you please close this before gossiping?


Please. Just tell me and then delete it a few hours later! I have no experience of how your surroundings act.


I'm think we should respect friendship2468, she probably doesn't want people to talk about it. When she comes back and feels like it, she'll tell you. But if she refuses not to, we should respect that and not push her further or ask others why. :D


I'm sorry, I can't. Friendship on a topic told us all not to talk about her behind her back, and I respect that. I prefer not to share what she doesn't want shared, and I suggest looking at the topic @SmileyAlyssa posted! It's really funny :D


@SapFire, I understand your curiosity. But it's the past, and there is plenty of other amazing things going on! Maybe try roasting someone nicely!





drowned in a pit full of winkys and likes

Looks like @Ihasfluffycupcakes is right. This forum is just a pack of slaves. Not coming back, gonna be in Freedomland (aka Transformice)

I'm fine with leaving my masters.



>>>>Post your happy projects here!<<<<

Looks like my own masters are happy of me leaving! You just forgot. Less help, less "good post!" this is feeling good :grinning:


Ahh! 8 more minutes of posting on this topic!

Edit: @SapFire your an awesome Hopscotcher and person! We just don't want to gossip about other hopscotchers :wink:


Thanks whoever set a timer on this! :smile:


You guys hate me?


No, you were just curious.

Sometimes curiosity gets the best of us

There's absolute no reason to hate you :D


Ew, my masters are taking a long time to reply on purpose.


No way! Your a great Hopscotcher and person, we just don't like to gossip about other Hopscotchers! :D


You never even visted upper NJ. You dont know what it feels like.


No, I haven't visited NJ in my whole life, but I know that for anywhere you stand there will be an awesome person a few miles away :D


Can some one please just tell her? I would but I don't know what happened either? It is really annoying that no one will just tell her.


I will be a rebel and not follow my masters orders. I see through the invisible lie.