Why was CL Suspended another time?


Why? She didn't do anything wrong, she wasn't even being rude! @codelife was just asking questions and you guys were big mean to her and yet you think she is the mean one. Stop treating her badly, she wasn't rude to ANYONE the last time she was here. I won't be on at the time @buildasnowman suspended her, so just yell her she didn't deserve it and say it was from me.
How is this related to hopscotch? Forum and cyberbullying online.


If you quoted some of her posts, there were rude things she said.


Can you tell me things that she said?


I don't think I should, but we shouldn't worry about it now :D


Kinda off topic: what happens when you quote it? Is it like a secret message?


It is OK. When she comes back, let us ignore the past. Lets welcome her like she is a new member of the community. She was acting fine until people brought up previous events. This time, everybody should just act like nothing happened. I would hate to see her suspended again, CL is a different person now. Lets forgive her please.


I know, she didn't hack SGS! Everyone just BELIEVES that, someone framed her! SGS would NEVER do that, some jealous friend probably hacked her. CL is a good person!


If you quote my post, you can see some secret words


It's basically the community's fault, they exacerbated her forum problems. Don't be so recalcitrant that you ignore being nice to someone!


We were trying to be nice, but if you quoted some of her posts they were very rude to SGS


I don't see any... (space)


Click the reply button to me, and then click the button that's circled for some sercret words


Oh that's cool! Now I will see what CodeLife said...


She said nothing really.


I'm still kinda skeptic about codelife


Please don't be. I'm skeptic if I can talk about Harry pott


Okay then I won't be. I'm just going to chill for now then....


The only quotes I can read from Codelife is mostly dmfdaaunfuien to take space...


Nvm, her topic was unlisted I think :T


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