Why there no drawing support?


Besides inappropriate things, why isnt there a drawing system? It would be fun for the young ones. Im not suggesting but I want to know why.


there's tons of drawing pads. search up pad or drawing pad, and theres so many.


I ment in hopscotch, you cant upload sprites


that would be cool. i could make my own crazy and wacky stuff with that.


I don't think it (personally) would be good, here are the pros and cons, as I see them!


  • More diversity in stuff
  • Saving drawings


  • Bad stuff can be made
  • Does not encourage very much creativity
  • Hard to draw using an iPad

I think that Hopscotch is better with the challenge of making stuff out of shapes :slight_smile:


Yeah I would like that to but that's not really what hopscotch is about also we might end up being lazy.




The young ones it's always the young ones



I was already pretending to be cringy


And I made it more cringy your welcome


What can I say except your welcome your welcome sbshbskbjsjkbss help