Why the purple?



Ello. I just logged on today (Hopscotch's Birthday. Woot!) and everyone's profile pic is PURPLE!! Does it have something to do with the occasion?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Happy B-Day, Hops!


It is for DOS, which was yesterday!


Oh. Thank you! How about we all create or find a special profile pic for today​:laughing::laughing:


Maybe a Birthday profile pic!


Yeah! Mines gonna be Pusheen, so..... Yeah, I'm obsessed


DOS was yesterday but a special day where LGBTQ+ people stay silent for all the bullyin.g against LGBTQ+ people or you can just wear purple. :D


go check my topic(yes im advertising it as much as possible)


You could just use the tag list...


Yeah, I changed mine to purple for DOS, but now is is party profile pic! :smile:


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@ElegantAngelEmily happy birthday hpscotch indeed! I hope this day will be a good one! I know this is off topic but, I got a piglet! Her name is tulip.