Why the Potatoes?



On the forum, ,why is everyone saying Patatoes?? No joke, everyone is saying it! Why, though?


Because why not


IDK, people like being random in the 21st century.


.... Ok, then. If it were on hopscotch, everything potatoish will be in trendin.


Yeah I guess so, @DancingLollipop did it and also @SmilingSnowflakes I think.


Potatoes are just great. They're a starchy vegetable, they're easy to cook, and they taste decent. I don't think I've ever met someone who didn't like potatoes.The true glory of the potato is best reflected in this Lord of the Rings quote: You know... Po-ta-toes? Boil em' mash em' stick em' in a stew?



Wait wut did I do on HS


You made a potatoe project.


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I only like them because they go great with butter. BUTTER! But I don't post projects about potatoes for some reason, maybe because im not addicted to it.


Oh yeah lol that was for a challenge with @Bubbles4Ever929 :stuck_out_tongue:


Because potatoes are LYFE!!!!! One day when the potatoes overrule one carrot. Will rise. I should make a trail art for that...


Yea... I like potatoes. They're so much on the forum that i started calling myself a flying potato.


I should probably make one....but I'm too lazy, lol




Yea. @DancingLollipop's potato project got on trending.




Hello? What is it Sir Potato?


Lol I'm a potato now :D