Why the dislike button shouldn't be added to Hopscotch



The dislike button should not be allowed.

First of all, it could hurt feelings. Many people could get offended if they get a large amount of dislikes.

Second of all, it's unuseful. How would most people use it? Maybe people might get jealous of eachother and start disliking eachothers projects. I know most people won't do that but that's just a thought!

Third of all, it has disbenefits. You might be mad at someone and dislike that person's projects and express your feelings which makes them pay attention to why they are mad, or you could really hurt someone's feelings.

These are just my opinions, please do NOT start a flame war. I think these are most of the reasons why the hopscotch team didn't put the dislike button as an option, good night for California!


Well I know you live in California...


I don't think there is a dislike button? There's a heart button, and you can unlike it, but that's it.


Yeah I know there is no dislike button, this is just a topic on why there should be one.


Well, what if you accidently like a project that is offensive and rude? I am not sure you want people to see that in your favorites tab.


But it says in the title why there shouldn't be one...?


Personally, I would like some people to stop being so naive and research society :kissing: .3.
(Just me being an idealist)

I'm not talking about all of you! I mean someone else :dizzy_face:


I changed the title to make things a bit more clear! Great topic!