Why so mean y'all


Okay, so yeah I'm still here. I've been reading everything you guys have been saying. And imma just gonna go on a little rant here for a bit....

So you guys have been saying and doing some things on here. And they really are not nice. You're intentions are great but some of you guys are turning into mean and terrible people because you're being too rigid. I know this is a kids forum (lol what's this nice jiffy doing on here) but that doesn't mean we still can't behave like kids. Loosen up sometimes guys. Topics aren't your/our entire lives. It's okay if someone makes a topic that isn't on topic.
And seriously, it's almost like you guys bully eachother sometimes. Y'all are so mean because you want to be this perfect person on here that everyone loves and looks up to. But by hurting your online friends in the process? That's really terrible.

k I'm done respond to this pls thx


I agree and I'm sorry, because I've done that, and I probably haven't stopped doing it.

Thanks for making this topic.


Gahhh so true.

People just bully because they can hide behind a screen and not get caught (I'm honestly not pointing fingers at anyone)

I'm also annoyed my perfectly good topic got closed because of one reason :(


"No matter where ever you go, there is always a group of bullies."


Is this directed at me and Ella


Yeah, you're right. I've probably done that, and I'm really sorry. I'll try to be better. :)


This is a great topic. I agree we shouldn't be mean. I've messed up sometimes in the past, but usually I've worked it out. @cash @Ella_13 @JojoDude I hope you work this out also.


Why am I tagged here?

Did I upset you at all @PastelPony?


No, I just saw you and Ella, Uhm, fighting. Sort of. That's why j tagged you. I have no idea if you were involved at all so...


Well, I agree with what senpai said, but I really shouldn't be butting in…


I wasn't involved, I was just telling them to stop @PastelPony.

Me or @PastelPony?


Who's Senpai?



You are senpai!

I think you were trying to end that argument. Never start a fight, always end it, like my parents say…
No hard feelings to @PastelPony


I did not do anything to Ella or jojodude what are you talking about


Whoo hoo! We are Frenhais!


New word: FRENHAI(frenhai=senpai+kouhai+fren)


Yup! That's what I was hoping for!


You mai frenhsi


I feel this is directed to me only.
I was only trying to help, but misunderstood.
I'm not terrible...


Was I being mean?