Why should I stay on the forum?



I have been thinking all this forum stuff that we talk about is making me not able to fall asleep and my comments are flagged for no specific reason and titles of my topics are changed cough cough @comicvillestudios cough cough sorry something stuck in my throat. But seriously join a side with a reply






Don't leave! Why leave when you can help people on the forum? You should stay, and if you are feeling down you can always tag me! :D


I agree if you are getting flagged edit your post to make them for friendly if you got flagged for no reason email or tell THT


You learn from your mistakes


I changed the topic name so it SOUNDS more appropiate...

Please, I didn't mean that the name was offensive...

Can you forgive me? :disappointed_relieved:


Do not leave I can't sleep some nights either! Becuse of the forum!




I don't tell people this often but @kayro quote this


How do you Qoute again
Me Firgot


If you hit reply and then if you hit the little speech button by the big B


Ok thanks



Cool you got flagged that many times such an achievement


That's not supposed to be cool!


I know I kinda got flagged 12 times
That is why it weird
Also eleven fav number
Also auto carrot


Auto carrot!? XD XD