Why quit just because of popularity?



I've been on hopscotch for almost a year! And what i know from those days and weeks Hopscotch is one of the greatest app for starting to code! I was enjoying everything until something disturbed me..

Many people start making projects of them trying to quit because of popularity! People... Hopscotch is about coding! Not popularity and things like that! If you want to be popular, make something original and creative! Something that will amaze everybody, and by doing that... You will get popular in no time!

Comment if you think i am right.


You really know how to make a speech! Back on topic,you are absolutely right!!!:smiley:


You are so right @Lynna00! Agreed!


Same that is amazing I did think about doing that but I did not know how to ask a question on the forum!


@Lynna00, that is a great speech! I agree with everything you say. Hopscotch was made for beginners who wanted to code and then we would all turn masters if we kept practicing, creating and learning! And then the worse part for me.... Hopscotchers creating projects saying they'll quit because they don't have enough likes. Also because they try to be popular with that. I'm a little sad and upset.... You just gotta earn your likes and soon enough.. if you work hard, everybody will be amazed. Earn the likes and follow the rules in the Hopscotch community.


Totally agree with you @Lynna00 :wink:


I use to never get any of my projects over 5 likes


Just saing but once you get even 1 project featured hopscotch will be your favorite game. I wasn't expecting shark stimulator to get featured but it did and now i absolutely love hopscotch


I agree!
BTW, great speech :wink:


Great speech,totally agree


I quit

How can two words be so powerful?

When you say this it means

  1. That you don't think you belong here

  2. It means that you give up

  3. You don't have the Spirit to keep at it


The truth is you DO belong here because you're AWESOME and plus, it's hopscotch and hopscotch, IS #1:wink:

Also take a look at this project



Yeah! I totally agree!!!

(If you are wondering why I'm replying a few months late: I'm checking out all the old topics. There are some oldies but goodies!)


BUMP! This is amazing I think we should spread this. Who agrees?


I agree!
This is a great topic to revive, and such a great message to people out there who care more about the popularity they get from hs, more than the coding knowledge!


This is so true, but unfortunately, people begin to lose interest when they lose popularity


Yes! This is my favorite comment on the forum now.


I just don’t like Hopsotch I guess


This used to be my main reason for quitting ;~;

I was a dork x3

Then I realized that I actually cared more about improving my art than trying to get popular. Things take time and you aren’t going to be noticed immediately, no one’s perfect. If you make a bunch of projects and aren’t getting noticed, don’t sulk about it and try to make other people feel bad for you. Look at your stuff and think of what you could do better.


Yeah, this topic deserves to be revived! :slight_smile: