Why quit because of popularity when you have so much more coding ahead of you?


I'm here to say that, although I'm not popular at ALL, I'm not going to give up on Hopscotch. And you should feel the same. Don't give up and eventually you will be just like Tappymlp, my best friend. Also for the likers I'm just going to say "Don't be racist, and don't judge QUITE as much and positivity will be your reward," And eventually you'll find a path to happy coding...

Regards, Atlantica:wink:


You got the right values! :relaxed::+1:šŸ¼

As long as you code, you have a big journey to be one!


Thanks for your positivity!


We need more of this positivity!


I have a lot of that!


I love your enthusiasm!


I agree, with everybody here. I'm not popular at ALL, but what does that have to do with happy coding? It just seems s tupid. Why would you quit?! There is so much happiness on Hopscotch. It just makes me incredibley sad when I see projects saying I'm quitting hopscotch because nobody likes me... And I'm not popular. What does that even have to do with coding???? This whole "quitting" thing just seems bad! I hope it stops soon because it's making SmileyAlyssa into FrownyAlyssa.


Sooo much coding ahead of you. Ikr? People just leave for the sake of it. No popularity. If you want popularity take time with your projects


You are starting to become popular like me. But I think coding is definitely about having a lot of fun doing it.


We need more peeps like you.


You're right! People need to be more positive like you @Atlantica.


Yeah. I kinda know you, but no one really knows me. That doesn't mean I quit! I got 2 likes on a project I worked really hard in, but you know what? IM STILL HERE


This, I think is a big problem on hopscotch. The people who quit this game could have made a machine to save our planet. They could've changed the world... :cold_sweat:


Why indeed, I as much as I have maybe 10 followers max(I don't count), I try to come out with a new project whenever I can. I am TealIsMyLife:dress::dress:, I'm not popular, and I don't CARE!!!


Good job atlantica! You're really helping! I'm so lucky to have you as a friend!:smile: