Why Pictures Aren't Allowed In Hopscotch


I always see people requesting an "insert picture" block. The reasons I'm going to list may be part of the reason why pictures aren't allowed. Just to clarify, this does not qualify on the forum due to the fact that people post pictures for other Hopscotchers to help and see what they should do with their code.

One reason is that some Hopscotchers may not be responsible enough and publish pictures of themselves and other people. That would go against that Hopscotch rule that states that no personal information is tolerated.

Next, Hopscotchers may publish very violent pictures of something. If anyone is ever caught even chatting about that, other users would report them the minute they are posted. Hopscotch is meant to be a nice learning environment and a fun place.

I think that Hopscotch should pick a set of pictures for users to use instead of users choosing from their photo library. That way Hopscotch can still have pictures, but not risking users putting out their personal information and Hopscotchers being mean.


Great topic!

I've had this idea for a while now! It would be sort of like clip art!


I edited the title to make this a bit more clear.

You have a good point! Also, personal photos from your gallery can take up too much space in the editor and Hopscotch would break.


I love the way you wrote this! Although i get every single point in your paragraph but, pictures represent a source of self expression. Our profile allows us to express ourselves, without the right to pictures... everyone would have almost the same profile pic and it would get a little confusing on who is talking. I don't think anybody who plays hopscotch would use a bad picture. However, if someone came in (just a random person) and did a bad picture. The mods or admins or leaders I think can change the picture back to a letter. Wait... is this for pictures in hopscotch? Wait... I thought this was to get rid of the profile pictures on the forum.... oopsie


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Nice topic! I agree, a certain set of images would be great.


I agree! I like how there is pictures on the forum, but Hopscotch has wayyyyyyyyyyy more people playing then the forum! It would get way out of hand!


If they put the picture block on Hopscotch, probably every project that uses the 'Picture Block' would be stuck in the filter. I think this because of that was added, Hopscotch would be abused. (Great topic BTW)


I agree with some points halfway.

If you look at Scratch, there aren't bad pictures, but instead innovative pictures that make a game better, like a play button or a realistic ball or a person from your favorite anime! I'd say that it makes things more efficient! :slight_smile:


I agree! They should have a set of pictures that are safe to use but no photo library :D! I think this is a great topic :slight_smile:


That actually makes a lot of sense


I just want a character creater like in scratch when you can draw your characters/sprites and they can actually move unlike the leave a trail! Just a thought @Liza


Yeah, besides, what do pics have to do with code?


I want to bump up this topic so more people can see it!:grinning::grinning:


They are adding the feature to HS! XD

All images will be moderated by the HS team tho:)


That's why!!!:joy::joy::joy:

It's gonna be a lot of photos though.

It's like how on the forum, there's a system to bad photos. We have very active moderators to change inappropriate profile pictures or pictures in posts.