Why PercyJackson9 should quit


Tell me why I should quit
This is a game please delete @SabotageWarning u r so right
1. You gave to have been regular(demoted is okay)
2. Make a fun stories


You shouldn't, that's your answer. @PopTart0219


But.... You shouldn't in the first place! :disappointed_relieved:


You shouldn't quit. Is there something making you want to quit?


Fine but if I had to go why would that be


If i(or whoever) had to quit why would that be. It's a game! Could you delete the posts evryone


Most Hopscotchers leave HS because they have no more time for it. Or maybe its taking up more of their time. No one should quit because of popularity or not getting likes.


It's a game show, please delete evryone


Maybe you want to advance in coding (i.e. Java?)