Why NOT to share info!


emphasized textHey guys this is a simple topic on why not to share info and what you CAN share!

  1. First Name is fine to share becuase I am sure there is plenty people who share the same first name as you!

  2. Last name! NO that would open the chance of finding your first name and last name on google or something and see you!

  3. Addres well you can tell it's no becuase yeah kidnappers coming to your house!

  4. Phone number NO becuase people could call you and then you could exchange info about you and calling you can say anything!

  5. Email I am okay with hopscotch emails but I do not think they are allowed anymore but normal emails are NO

  6. What state do you live in! This is fine becuase I am sure there are plenty of people who live in the same state as you!

  7. Country! This is fine becuase it's not info becuase if you said USA the I would still never find you!

  8. Contacts to text! - NO this is not allowed becuase you could exchange info!(if you are following these rules!) and also text inapropriet images!

  9. Cats name!!! - well NOO just no! - JUST Kidding your cat name is allowed!

  10. YouTube account! - it depends wich one if its private then NO! If it's a hopscotch one then yes!

  11. Musically - it depends I seen a lot of hopscocthers face becuase of this private ones no hopscotch ones yes!

  12. Minecraft username - yes unless has full name!

  13. School name - NEVER you could google it and find your state and city out!

  14. Middle names - I think it's fine unlsess it's really unique!

  15. Age - perfectly unless you don't want to theres no harm!

  16. Fingerprint- NEVER NEVER NEVER they can then track you down!

That's it I hope you enjoyed bye! From the fluffy bear

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Well Said! Plus why would someone board a plane or something just to know about someone?


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