Why never on trending or featured?


Okay, heres the thing I hate about Hopscotch. I get like 100-300 likes on all my projects, but none of it is on trending featured, or rising. Please halp me.


Well your projects are obviously awesome!
I love your projects, they are really cool!

Maybe the hopscotch teams just hasn't seen them!

For rising and featured ^^^

For trending, it depends on amount of likes, plays and remixes in a certain amount of time!
So if you accumulate to a high about of likes in sometime, your not in trending, at the bottom :D


How many plays do u get on each project? Trending is if it has lots of likes, plays and remixes.

The Hopscotch team picks the projects that go on featured, but they only pick ones that you have worked really hard on.

Rising is for projects that have simpler code than on featured. THT picks them as well.



Featured and Rising are chosen by THT.

Trending works through an algorithm with likes, time, plays, remixes etc. Maybe your projects don't keep up with the requirements? How long does it take to get 100 likes?

  1. Trending has a very complex algorithm. Not all projects with lots of likes get on featured. :slight_smile:

  2. It's very hard to get featured, and the HS Team doesn't feature all good projects or all projects with lots of likes! :D

  3. Same thing with above :3

There's nothing wrong with not getting in these channels if your projects are getting hundreds of likes or none at all!

Congrats on getting so many likes! There's nothing wrong with not getting featured!


I edited the title, because the last word is inappropriate. :slight_smile:

It does not matter if you are trending, Fetured, or rising, it only matters if you have fun!


Well, it depends on how quickly you get your likes, plays, and remixes. Also, hopscotch isn't about popularity. Just because not all of your projects get trending doesn't mean you should hate hopscotch! :slight_smile:


The last word isn't inappropriate, it's not blocked. It can be used but carefully.