Why must people misunderstand


Ok so this was in a topic called "I think I'll quit because"or something and this came up

it made me cry and I am just so sad people would bully like that


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Well, it is mostly about coding, likes don't get you much. Yes, they make you feel good, but thats not the point of Hopscotch. :wink:


It was my topic
"I think I'll quit because" posts
Crazy_crawfish told her to quit


@Crazy_Crawfish you made her feel really bad. Why? That was cyber bullyin'


What I would point out if I had a photo would be my comeback stating this

Well that's easy for you to say your famous on hopscotch and I bet you get 20 likes per minute on projects I would like to see a project (you worked day and night for a week on) get 1 like




No CrazyCrawfish
Not you of course you made me feel better


Um thanks so yeah, gtg don't want any more yeah bye


Peace Out
I am Terribly Lonely


I'm on but am hurt.


Sorry about that message but the point of hopscotch is to code, not get likes on what you code, but I agree they could have put that in a nice way but no offense to anyone. We come here to code, not to start fights :wink: try not to ask to get noticed so much and others try to put disagreement in a nicer sentence :wink:


I made a new topic u should chek out


I did sorry I didn't respond fast I was "enjoying" a tv show


I don't think you understand I meant it would be nice to be noticed I don't want to just code really good but then only get one like and have the like from myself


I do know what you mean, but getting likes is hard work, a lot of hard work, I'm sure you put the work in but there's nothing I can do about your likes :frowning: that's something you must do.


IKR I tries to tell him it was mean but @Crazy_Crawfish that's cyberbullying.


Oh my gosh I am so sorry! I did not mean to make you feel bad @Kayro and I'm super sorry! I was just trying to get a point across, and I did not mean to be mean! I didn't mean to tell you to quit, just to say that getting noticed doesn't matter! Please forgive me and I will delete the post now.


I'm not I swear. I'm really sorry and did not mean to make it sound like that. Please forgive me @Kayro @friendship2468 @PercyJackson9