Why must my projects be SPAM



ok so I guess the spam people are ■■■■■■■■ my projects and I mean ALL of them on the forum. Reply if it has happened to you


Does ■■■■■■■■ mean spaming? And no I don't do chat rooms


Yes and it isn't a chat room I just want to know if it happened to you


That does not happen


Lucky you

Oops didn't think that would happen sorry


You mean getting off topic on your posts????


@AHappyCoder why do you always say everything is off topic
I am trying to ask a forum question if anyone else has their projects spammed


I was asking if people were getting off topic.....


Or do you mean that I get off topic??


I mean on all of my questions you say I am getting off topic


I didn't say that on all of your topics.....



You said on exactly 87% of them


People say they're off topic because it's a reminder to GBOT. Technically, you can flag off-topic posts (but only if they're REALLY off-topic). Don't get upset.


I saw 3 topics where I gave a (Friendly) reminder to keep topics related to Hopscotch :wink:.


When I made that post I had 3.5 topics


Uhhhh then the number isn't right??


Let me try the math again


You are right it actually is 85...%


Well Idk what I should say.......I don't want to turn this into a fight, all I want to do is help keep the forum a nice clean tidy place where it is easy to read and Hopscotch related :wink:.