Why must life be so difficult! (Project stuck in filter)



I had this really nice drawing that I made, and thanks to my wonderful internet..... it is now stuck in the filter forever. Everytime an error like this occurs, it does not let you adjust the size of the thumbnail. Hopscotch, you are really are the best!


Hi, @Someone45356!
Welcome to the forum! (Well, kinda. You just haven't posted much XD)


That's sad D: that's an amazing drawing....


You can always email THT to getit out of the filter, if you need. :D


That's sad and that puppy is so cute and great


He joined in 2016 bruh


These posts are so unrelated to each other I'm smiling.
That's horrible, when that happens I get SOOOO mad at THT and HSHQ. But, I remember, I couldn't code a 50th of what the app HS is, soo..


Oh no! Do you want me to publish the image for you and say you made it? I have the subscription.
That is really good btw.


Yeah, I saw :slight_smile:


I am so, so sorry that this has happened to you. That drawing you did is really good, I bet you put a lot of effort into it.

Something similar to this has happened to me before, except my drawing had a lot less detail and I just wasn't very good at drawing at the time. Like Dude73 said, I recommend that you email THT about this, that will help a lot.

honestly, I am a little disappointed at people because some of the first posts don't even have to do with the topic. this person really did put effort into their drawing, it's just that people don't look into it enough. i do not mean to offend anyone, i just feel too annoyed at this so I am not going to turn this into a hidden message. it just makes me frown in my thoughts. too much has happened to me for me to truly frown. If you are not happy that I said this, and you were not happy when I said that sometimes I lie about my feelings on the forum, well guess what: I am showing my true feelings with this. but forget it, NOBODY WILL EVEN SEE THIS BECAUSE THAT'S HOW THIS FORUM WORKS BUT ITS ALSO ONE OF THE BIGGEST FLAWS! Don't flag me, I showed too much emotion for any of you to handle.


did anyone who commented on this before even read the small text? :confused:

I'm totally gonna just tag them soon.


Urrrgh! I was working on your Request, and I was almost done, and Hopscotch crashed! Sorry for The wait!


Hey, I only started being active recently.


That’s a really good drawing!

That happened to my BEST project! It took me weeks and I was really upset. I emailed the hopscotch team and they got it out! Maybe you should email them


It happened to my first few featured projects too.


woah hi

is it still stuck in the filter


Yep, legends say it is still in the filter to this day…



woah wow