Why me....oh yea cuz it always happens


I don't do hopscotch my brother and my sister do....


Ok.. well I was replied to your topic. How am I supposed to know who is on? You still need to be related to hopscotch.


Hmm ok she just gets bored sometimes btw Kai was originally supposed to use the account but u know she's always getting in trouble and she gets mad for its srry if she said mean things..........


How do I know this isn't Emily?


What proof do u need


It's okay :D

Well, I don't really know what to say now XD


What proof do u need I can tell u stuff



Info that goes to far both faces, ect.

But that's not allowed and not safe to ask so yeh


I don't need proof lol. Please keep this hopscotch related though :slight_smile:


Srry but I can tell you this she talks in all caps and not full sentences and I talk in full sentences and yea I'm at the hospital chair and she's in a hospital bed I'm just watching her.


How do I know your not in the hosptial bed and the same person xD


Cuz she's on medicine and she can't talk and I'm not lol.


Anything bad she does or posts on hopscotch?


How do I know that xD


Oh boy if I knew where u lived I would knock on the door and show u pictures ha.


There's such thing as the Internet.


But there's also such thing as personal info.


I'm not giving you pictures sorry I'm not that kind of person she likes anime and weird stuff I focus on books and.......books basically


I still don't understand, so shes in to that stuff but how do I know your not her covering up?


Oh boy...........do u not get it I would show u a picture but I'm not giving out personal info.ok let's get it straight we are off topic now so....