Why me....oh yea cuz it always happens


Why am I always getting flagged anyways all u have to know is that I'm in the hospital..........soooooooo anybody wanna do anything


Just a note anything you decide to do has to be hopscotch related!


People flag because either it's not related to hopscotch, it is spam, or if it is inappropriate. Maybe you could double check your replies before posting them? :smile:


Ok WAT do u wanna do I'm kinda bored and now hopscotch isn't for me I will leave my brother too it he's kinda got in trouble and he is at my house cuz the kid who I was playing against is soccer is kinda in the room next to me b cuz my brother started fighting him he got a black eye anyways any good codes u learned


You got flagged as a reminder to stick to the community guidelines :wink:

Being in the hospital has nothing to do with whether you get flagged or not.




I'm sorry, it was just a friendly reminder. But you will have to follow those guidelines if you don't want to be flagged. :)


OK I HAVE HEARD IT ENOUGH HAVE FUN CODING I have heard them say that I just wanna talk to 1 person not 1 million ppl


Okay :D

If you keep using all caps, it comes across as rude, so be careful with that :3


I'm done I'm LIGIT done.........I'm too fed up and I will not be doing forum anymore just letting u know my brother will be doing it the doctor said I shouldn't be stressed.........there going on surgery be back in 5 hours I'm getting some of that stuff that makes u act weird "good luck to me"


Bai see You soon!

We will miss you


Sorry if you feel bad, we're just giving you some friendly reminders :D


Listen, you are going to get flagged if your post was off- topic. Being in the hospital doesn't matter.

So before you post something, you have to ask yourself, is my post off- topic? If if it is of topic, don't post it.


Ahi this is her sister I got her iPad she's on this medicine thingy anyways WAT did she do she's usually friendly but she was in a bad mood today????


I think she was in a bad mood because we gave her some advice? I dunno why that would put her in a bad mood, but it did...


I am 99% this is not her sister.

This is you not your sister


anyways I don't know why anything happened today........b 4 she went on the medicine she said I hate something she didn't finish I think u guys r really nice but more info would be nice


Hi! Thing she get flagged if they aren't related to hopscotch or off topic.

Make sure to always be related to hopscotch! :blush:


We're twins but This is her sister as u can tell her name is Emily and my named is its ok if ur not sure cuz we look exactly the same its hard to tell


Well, we gave her some advice, and apparently that made her mad. Then she said some rude things, and we reported the posts. Then she got even madder.