Why MagmaPOP Is Leaving... Explained



Before we analyze why MagmaPOP is leaving we first
must find out if he truly is leaving. Which brings us to our first section...


MagmaPOP is probably NOT leaving forever. He must be leaving for the summer. But, before we make conclusions, we must look at the facts. MagmaPOP recently said he was leaving. Before all this, when Hopscotch was in the middle of it's life, MagmaPOP posted a project saying "Last Project". A few days later, he posted another project saying "I'm Back". Is he lying again or is it for real this time? (I sound like a scientist.) It has been almost like, two or three weeks now since he's been gone. A lot of schools have had their iPads handed back to them so he might just be gone for the summer. But, now we know that he has left for a while and it could be forever.


MagmaPOP posted this on the Forum a few days ago. Look at this...

In the hidden text of this quote it said Bye BAS. BAS probably means Back After Summer. So.... There you have it! Most likely MagmaPOP has left for the summer!


You shouldn't be so optimistic about MagmaPOP's return because he might not be so interested in Hopscotch then. He might even forget about Hopscotch over the summer. School will end and Hopscotch with MagmaPOP could be forgotten. Remember, don't get your hopes up because even if I left Hopscotch for the summer, I would probably forget about it. Since MagmaPOP is so smart when programming, he must be in a high grade. We could say grade 8 or even higher! Almost high school!!! So, life must be harder for him then because of all the exams and stuff and Hopscotchin' would be hard to fit in to his daily routine.

To end this all up, I may be wrong about everything or anything I said. Don't be afraid to share your opinion about this. See you!

MagmaPOP isnt leaving? Or is he?!

In the code of the first project, it said "For a while...".

And BAS is @BuildASnowman, who edited his post.


Oh I though BAS meant back after summer! :sweat_smile:
I saw that part. "For a while" could have meant a loooong time.


I find it unlikely that MP is coming back. He published his WIPs, which he would have most likely saved if he intended to come back. And as Gilbert said, his original "leaving" project said for a while, but the recent one didn't.


He wouldn't leave forever without much notice or explanation... It's just not like him... Or it could be that he tricked us all!!!!

Probably not. I told you: "I could be wrong about everything I said"!


Is that related to this? Did you reply on the wrong topic? :sweat_smile:


Sorry no I just... Oh yeah I should've posted this on the topic XD


I think MagmaPOP is gone for good (:cold_sweat:). I also think MagmaPOP is a she...but it might just be me.


Awkward...... :neutral_face: :slight_smile: :smiley: :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No.. He's a he. He always refers to himself as a boy.


But who knows....


Well, I guess yeah...


We miss you MagmaPOP

I will remember you as long as I remember Hopscotch.


True that.

I'm just writing this to make the post 20 characters.


Guys, okay so Rawrbear said he was never coming back right?

MagmaPOP didn't say none of that fruit loops stuff!

He may come back I think...


And then Rawrbear comes back...


Yep you see?


Well MP isn't Rawrbear...


This is the 2nd time MP has left
The last one was a complete troll
The chances that MP is leaving for no reason are pretty slim