Why I've come back here, possibly for the last time

I haven’t touched Hopscotch since 8th grade, which was a year ago.
I haven’t touched this forum for a good 7 months.
Why have I come back?

I came back because I wanted to look back at the old memories I had when it was just me and my passion for Hopscotch. Back when I didn’t care about staying on top of trends. Those times when it could just be me and others doing something we were passionate about was mostly during the time I used Hopscotch.

But I felt that this time also came with some bad things. Throughout this time, I felt that I was underappreciated and that…nobody really cared about me, nobody really could connect with me. That struck me very hard, even as a person who didn’t really care about being trendy. To remain an unknown even after a year of dedication was my fear and what I believed to be the truth.

I sought to be those people who had many fans and many people who would arrive at their topics and chat and whatnot, all of my attempts ending with no luck. I didn’t know why these people were popular, and it made my more upset than ever. To be unable to find out the secrets of being popular made me feel very ashamed).

However, I feel that, after a few months of me being gone, I’ll be able to view this forum from a different, less biased perspective. I’ll be able to see all that’s changed in this community over these 7 months, the new popular coders and whatnot.

But, I do really want to connect with people, because that’s something I felt I missed during my past experience here. If you want to talk with me, tag me or come to my general topic! I’ll make sure to talk with others, too.

(PS I don’t know anything about Rawrbear coming back, neither he nor I have mentioned it)


Well, I cared and I care about you. That´s why I am super happy to have you back! I hope that you remember me, I was like a substitute for your “Evening Chill” for a while, I think.


didn’t know that, nice to see that you kept the show running even after i left!


Ah, I remember you. I was looking at your profile a week ago actually.
I had old accounts, so you won’t know this account. I was @MudFlowerCat and @DaPurpleMan1
Nice to see you



you were dapurpleman1?


Also, @MobCraft, nice to see you again!

one of the best coders came back yey


I’ve said that a few times but not many people know


Hi, welcome back!

No one ever hears from him anymore on here…


I didn’t, unfortunately. You took over again a good time before you left.

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Hey! I’m sorry for what you went through, but just be assured that everyone has their own different personality and just because you felt lonely shouldn’t make you change into someone you don’t want to be!

Everyone has their high and low days and it’s normal. Not everyone is popular with just one post and I don’t think the forum works that way! Be proud of yourself and just remember to be friendly and helpful and you’re all set to go!