Why I've been Inactive


So, I've kinda hit a slump in Hopscotch. It's just not as appealing as it was. I want to keep using Hopscotch, believe me. But I just have no inspiration. That, coupled with some other issues going on in my personal life, isn't really allowing for much time on the app. Im also getting an unusual amount of hate here. I can't really explain why I've been inactive- the appeal just isn't there. I kinda feel like there's nothing much to accomplish anymore. I'm trying to or make this negative, but... Anyway, I'm thinking through taking a break from at least the app, possibly the forum as well. What do you guys think?


If you do, I'll be sad. But I understand.

it's just a break anyways.

Also I feel the same way.

I don't really feel the spark anymore.

And dem haters just jelly of your awesomeness


Can you code that cactus trail art as a pixel art?


You can't leave until I get somethings from you. XD

No joke though.


I'll be sad ;-;

I hope you come back!

Have fun doing other things besides using hopscotch and the forum!


Do what you think is best, I hope you feel better about it soon.


Aw, that's too bad. I have always looked forward to seeing every new project you publish! :D But just do what you feel like and what you think is best for you. :D


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That's why I've been I inactive too!



It's okay, big we'll miss you! :D


Reading back through this, it sounds really whiny, and like I'm asking for pity. I promise I'm not. I just can't find a spark yet.


I hope you find your spark! :D

You have a lot of choices, since you're great at coding almost anything. :3


I feel the same way........


Aw, if you leave I'll be very sad.
Who will look after flame wars the way YOU do?
Who will keep the forum positive the way YOU do?
Who will make projects the way YOU do?
Who will- well you get the idea XD


It'll be sad if you leave. Do what you think is best.


I think it's your choice, I this is why I have been really inactive latley as well...