Why I've been gone



I haven't really been active on the forums recently, and I'd like to offer an explanation as to why.
About two weeks ago my IPad was sent in to my school for "programming" to get the necessary school apps, install the correct things, etc.
4 days ago we got our IPads back, and Hopscotch was deleted from my ipad, and the app store was gone. This is because they don't want kids downloading games and playing them in class.
Sadly, this also means I am not able to get Hopscotch, and I can't really be active on the forums without the app. I am currently trying to resolve this issue with the tech director at my school. I haven't quit the community, I am just temporarily unable to access it.
Sorry if you are making/wanted to make a project with me, it might have to be put on hold for awhile.

P.S I'm also working on a super secret Hopscotch project (Not actually in Hopscotch, just about it), look out for that soon :smiley:

P.P.S I wanna congratulate @t1_hopscotch on moderator :smiley:


I hope you get Hopscotch back I really miss you!



): Hope it works out okay and fingers crossed you are able to get Hopscotch back!

And thank you it's a pleasure being a moderator :smiley: I'll be able to help out with continuing to keep the forum an awesome place for everyone :smile: and congrats to you @BuildASnowman on being a leader!


That's annoying! And I agree with @t1_hopscotch, congrats on being the first leader that is not in the Hopscotch Team!


@BuildASnowman if you still don't have hopscotch, heres a link to get hopscotch back. Hope this helps!


If it doesn't work, below is the link to get hopscotch back.