Why isn't this censored?


I was typing and I noticed that the "a" word isn't blocked in the preview... I don't see why it shouldn't be censored... help?


Hmm.... Weird....I would test it myself, buuuuut.......


Because it means donkey too


You're outta your mind XD. School appropriate forums


True but the b word is censored and it means female dog


Lol, this is weird... BUT I LAIK ET


But does it?
Donkey actually is another word for ___s


I think I might have asked THT about it and I think it was for this that they said the word 'assume' might be blocked out too for example, or something... :thinking:


You're right! It should definitely be censored. If the B word is censored, the A one should too.


Huh, that's weird..... Alert discourse


It mean donkey

It isn't a bad word

We are fine people


I mean most bad words originate from other meanings such as donkey and girl dog but I mean it should be censored and they should make an effort to keep people from evading the censor because it's not hard to ive seen people say bad things on the forums by evading


Many swear words are uncensored if you add an -es or -s or something else at the end. This is why we are allowed to flag


Why isn't.... well I'm sorry if this bothers u but, why isn't a three letter word with an s at the beginning and an x at the end and an e in between with an y added to the end not censored?


There are a lot of things wrong with this world my friend


@ValueGamesStudio I couldn't have put it better


Adding suffixes to most swear words uncensormthe word because the computer doesn't recognize it as a swear word. It's one of those things the people who created the Discourse Forum might have left out.


True dat.